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Wedding and Engagement

Usual and boring wedding ceremonies have been already memory a long ago. Modern young couples prefer to have more dynamic, creative, new and unique day. We assure you that our specialists have infinite immagination and taking into account your opportunities and wishes can offer and make your wishes come true.

Birthday Anniversary

Everyone is looking farward to their birthday and every year they want to have special and original birthday party. We show you our complete set of services where you will find the most interesting and most creative things. We will color your party decorating the ceremony halls and tables with the most different accessuares and with fashionable design solutions.

Holy Baptism

For every Christian Holy Baptism is an important ceremony. Fete will set you free from every kind of bother. You will only enjoy your beautiful ceremony.
At us you can order baptismal nominal shirts, candles, favors, baskets. Our designers will decorate the church and ceremony halls.
Let the Holy Cross of God protect your family.

Tooth Party

Tooth party is the happiest and the most funny feasts of the kids. That feast will become the happiest and most unforgettable for your baby with the help of our specialists. Fete can offer you decoration of halls and tables with balloons, with colorful shining accessories and the delicious dishes. At us you can order favors and fireworks.